Many companies send their managers to a yearly health check-up to make sure that they are still able to do their duties. Airlines regularly check the abilities of their cockpit crews in simulator checks and by check captains evaluating the behavior of the pilots. Do you check your sales organization regularly as well?

Here is why you should do that if you want it to keep on delivering top performance.

1. Drive Execution Discipline

Old habits take a long time and constant reminders to change! If you want to make sure that your sales team executes your sales strategy you need to have a regular check-up whether that really happens.

2. Train for Sales Excellence

Sales excellence relies on constantly doing the right things in the right way. Some of them are hard to blend into daily routines and behavior. Sales Managers traveling with the reps will see some mistakes but most certainly not all of them as they have to focus on things like solving problems with customers as well. Therefore a neutral, method based view on the drivers for excellence makes room for improvement transparent and enables targeted activities to improve.

3. Manage Change

Markets change constantly: customer behavior changes, distribution channels shift, new competitors or new strategies of competitors create new pressure. All these things enforce not only a regular review of the sales strategy but also a check-up on how the sales organization is coping with these changes. The challenge is to early detect threats and risks. This will allow you to adapt your sales strategy and subsequently your sales organization in time to keep it performing under a constantly changing environment.

4. Discover unknown Improvement Opportunities

If your sales check-up is done by an external party with a lot of experience in other companies you will most probably learn a lot of things that are new to your enterprise. These best practices will give you a lot of food for thought and offer innovations that drive the performance of your sales organization even further on.

5. Use 3rd party expertise

Would you do your personal health check-up by yourself? Probably not, even if you would be a doctor.  This applies for a check-up of your sales organization as well. Due to the reasons mentioned above employing an external auditor like DVSB makes a lot of sense.

If you want to learn more about how we conduct Sales Check-ups and how they help you improving the performance of your Sales Organization please contact us!

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