One core element of sales strategy projects is change management, because the best strategy isn’t worth a dime if it is not executed. In order to ease a consequent implementation it is extraordinarily helpful to connect the strategy development process with positive emotion and create visible reminders to the common project work. Based on this idea POWERING developed together with the well-known artist Jeanette Illies a very special event …

During an 18-month strategy development project, representatives of several headquarter departments such as marketing, business development, controlling and sales management worked together with representatives of the international subsidiaries on the future sales strategy.

In many workshops new concepts were created, best practices identified and further developed, new channel options were worked out and new sales standards were defined.

As this joint effort resulted in something completely new and was intended to be sustained over a longer period of time, POWERING developed together with the well known artist Jeanette Illies the concept for a very special event:

The participants of the project arrived in the morning at Mainz-Finthen Airport where after a short tour trough the tower everybody got the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective: from above. The teams were really exited before, during and after the tour with these small airplanes. This in turn set the scene for the main part of the event: the creation of a joint artwork.

Jeanette and her team organized and led the Action Painting, an art form invented by Jackson Pollock around 1950. The project members and now artists became more and more open to try the new thing for them, let their ideas flow and thus created a very special piece of art.

The resulting paintings were professionally finished by Jeanette Illies and then send out to the HQ and the subsidiaries where they are still impressive reminders to that special event and of course to the joint strategy work.

If you are interested in having a similar event please don’t hesitate to contact us.