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How e Commerce puts the Sanitary Industry under pressure

Changing consumer behavior – a growing challenge for installers, wholesale trade and manufacturers For many consumers in Europe Online Shopping is normal in most product categories. For technical products such as consumer electronics, telecommunications and computers the Internet is the preferred buying channel. Forecasts predict a continuous further growth of eCommerce for the next years. […]

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5 Reasons why Sales Strategy Projects fail

Sales Strategy projects are not always successful. Sometimes this is due to circumstances but very often the seed for failure is sowed during the set up and management of these projects. Here are the 5 most common mistakes you should avoid to prevent this. 1.       Assign Project Leadership to Staff functions Quite often top managers […]

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3 New Challenges in Selling Investment Goods

In March I had the pleasure to attend the Technology Services Europe (TSE) – Conference in Munich. Most of the presentations focused on the business model revolution going on in Tech Industries worldwide.  One of my conclusions: there are huge challenges coming up for Sales!

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5 Reasons why your Sales Organization should have regular Check-Ups

Many companies send their managers to a yearly health check-up to make sure that they are still able to do their duties. Airlines regularly check the abilities of their cockpit crews in simulator checks and by check captains evaluating the behavior of the pilots. Do you check your sales organization regularly as well? Here is […]

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3 Strategies to minimize Distribution Channel Conflicts

Sales Channel conflicts arise when companies open up new ways to deliver services and goods to their final customers, thus bypassing existing channels. This of course creates concerns for existing trade partners. Depending on the power of these partners in the distribution chain and the revenue share they represent these conflicts are potentially dangerous. Based […]

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How to fuel Topline Growth with Services

Every company comes into a situation where growth rates slow down. This often comes as a shock when new markets mature and new products do not deliver the expected results. One solution to this kind of challenge is to take a deeper look into the growth opportunities services can offer.

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Basic Mistakes in B2B Sales

I just found an interesting collection of very common phenomena in B2B sales organizations: How to overcome the basic mistakes business to business sales people make. From our experience this can very often be observed in companies, that profited from either a strong market growth or an innovative product with a very high demand. In […]