Companies that experience rapid international growth often face the challenge of aligning their sales management with growth in time to ensure long-term productivity and sales effectiveness.

Often, in such situations a strong “belly-driven” sales management takes place, without an internationally standardized performance indicator system. As a result, sales planning takes place without pre-defined measures and KPIs.

Also two of our clients, two companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries with sales between € 150 million and € 350 million, were faced with the described situation.

Against this backdrop, the aim of these projects was to systemize and develop further an international sales management in order provide a basis for future growth.

At the beginning of the projects there was an audit of the current sales management. All existing processes, procedures, tools and metrics have been analyzed and evaluated by using a SWOT analysis in order to implement the sales strategy and to achieve the sales goals. Also a benchmarking with other companies were conducted to develop initial optimization approaches.

Subsequently, we designed a sales management system including planning processes, content and tools. Crucial to this was the development of a KPI system, derived from drivers for sales success. We also developed the necessary measures and sales management tools such as cockpits, planning tools and meeting routines. Following, a decision proposal for the management was created.

In the final phase of the project, we support the companies in their implementation with a systematic change management. In addition to creating concepts, materials, and other materials to support the consultation with various stakeholders (such as the supervisory board) and the introduction of tools (such as cockpits), we conducted intensive coaching of the affected managers to ensure a successful implementation of the measures.

In order to counteract possible resistance, the involvement of all affected employees, executives and opinion leaders from all the relevant national companies in the conceptual work was a great importance in these projects.

The results of these projects show that internationally consistent sales management enables significantly greater transparency as well as comprehensible, fact-based control and planning and thus forms the basis for long-term sales success.

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