To open up new growth potentials, a differentiated, viable and effective strategy is needed – also for digital companies in the Internet economy, as the following example shows.

The operator of one of the leading online market places for used and new cars intended to increase the exploitation of their customer base by setting up an additional online marketplace for automobile services.

Against this background, the Supervisory Board commissioned us to review the investment project and the underlying strategy. In the evaluation it became clear that the strategy was not implementable. Moreover, the sales strategy did not appear to be practical.

This resulted in a further contract, which aimed to revise the concept of the planned online marketplace. At the beginning was an assessment of the existing strategy in the context of the overall market as well as in comparison with the competition. In addition to the derivation of a product, price and sales strategy, a concept for the implementation of the new marketplace was also developed. This concept was quantified and evaluated by creating a business case.

In the last step, POWERING also supported the preparation of the Supervisory Board proposal and the coordination with shareholders.

After completion of the project, the implementation and the necessary investments were approved by the Supervisory Board. At the end of 2012, the market place was successfully launched in a selected region. At the end of 2013, an almost nationwide coverage had been achieved. Today this workshop market square is the number 1 in Germany.

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