POWERING had the opportunity to lead a workshop in order to discuss “Strategic Consequences of Implementing Service Excellence in Tech Industries” on the EXIS.The Exellence in Service Conference 2013 focussed on the challenges of implementing Service Excellence and was hosted by the Center for Service Excellence (CSE), headed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Gouthier. This institution aims to provide a platform for an information exchange on Service Excellence between companies of different industries.

Therefore we enjoyed a vivid discussion on the consequences of implementing service excellence, moderated by Nikolaus Bremerich. Based on the main elements of DIN SPEC 77224 (Achieving customer delight by Service Excellence) the participants discussed the strategic and organizational consequences following the decision to achieve Service Excellence.

Subjects covered in this workshop were for example:

  • The idea to implement a “Chief Customer Officer” in order to ensure a consistent level of customer delight at every customer touchpoint –  including those usually managed by sales.
  • Making the Service Strategy a vital part of the general corporate strategy.
  • Implementing a Service Product management and R&D for services in order to achieve and keep competitive advantages.
  • Developing “Success Science” as proposed by JB Wood of TSIA in order to measure which services contribute how to the customers’ success.

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