The internet sector has enjoyed tremendous growth rates in the last few years. The timely adjustment of the organizational set-up to growth poses challenges for many companies.

One of our customers, a leading Internet marketer in Europe, experienced a similar situation.  The sales organization did not keep pace with the rapid development of sales development.

Task delimitations between the individual areas were often no longer clear enough, which leaded to duplication and ambiguous responsibilities. This, in turn, had a negative impact on employee satisfaction.

Against this background, POWERING was asked to analyze and revise the current sales organization.

At the beginning of the project was an exhaustive inventory of the current organizational structure (organigram vs. lived organization) as well as the interfaces and processes between the organizational units. Also the performance of the organization was analyzed. In addition, current employee satisfaction was assessed and possible causes of dissatisfaction were identified.

On the basis of the conducted inventory, different approaches to change were developed and evaluated in order to achieve the project objectives. In this phase of the project, POWERING also supported by moderating the discussion and decision-making process in the management, especially the decision on the new sales organization.

In a further step, the sales processes were adapted to the new sales organization and the structure model was fine-tuned by simulated process runs. The implementation of the new structure also necessitated the reconstitution of a new function and job description.

Through the successful execution of the reorganization of sales, the effectiveness of sales was restored and employee satisfaction increased. The company was able to maintain its market leadership position.

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