In this reference case our customer planned the launch of a major new product category thus entering a new market segment.Our customer intended to develop and launch a new product outside of the core business, requiring considerable capital expenditure and having a big impact on the development of future sales.

DVSB was tasked to develop the sales strategy for this new product and provide comprehensive support during the launch.

The project started with an assessment of the current situation of existing group distribution channels (both direct and indirect), an analysis of customer behaviour when looking for information on and making purchases in this product category.

Based on that insight we developed a matrix of criteria for assessing both existing and new potential distribution channels for this product, evaluated potential sales channels using this matrix, developed recommendations for selecting channels and the corresponding sales quantities. After that we consolidated this approach in a sales strategy, that had been approved by the board.

After these strategic tasks a team of sales experts and consultants from POWERING took over the management and support of the sales sub-project until more than 6 months after launch.

Result: Product was launched and established successfully on the market