After having successfully launched our series of events called SalesLAB at the end of 2016, another event about digitization in sales took place on the 23rd of March 2017 in Berlin. Therefore, executives of companies in the building sector came together in the rooms of the Otto Bock Science Center in Berlin with a view to the German Bundestag.

Three keynote speakers from various industries have given a presentation about trends and the implications of digitalization on companies and shared their experiences about this issue. In addition, participants have benefited from an intensive exchange of ideas, experiences and challenges resulting from digitization.

Stefanie Wahlert (former CDO TUI Deutschland GmbH) opened the event by performing a digital readiness test with the participants. Furthermore, she clearly described her experiences with pursuing digitization in a traditional Company. Maximilian Graf Stolberg (CEO DataLab. GmbH) spoke about Big Data with regard to which opportunities the focused analysis of customer data provides and what kind of tools there are.

After the participants have had the opportunity to participate in an interactive exhibition entitled “Discover, what moves us” hosted by Otto Bock, David Ranft and Martin Treusch, both CEO of Vitraum GmbH, have shared the digital business model of their successful start-up.

During the exchanges among the participants it turned out that digitization provides great potential, which is currently not fully exploited by most of the companies. Following the slogan “digital first” companies have to become more customer-focused and digitize their activities along the customer journey. Also, companies have to take advantage of data analytics in Sales to improve the customer experience.

Besides, the event clearly showed that employees and their fears need to be taken seriously and involved to overcome potential resistance within the company. The participants have agreed on agile methods and processes, which have to be developed following a continuous “try and error” approach.

Feedback of the participants was extremely positive. Yet again, a platform to openly share trends and experiences has been created. The next SalesLAB will take place in June 2017.

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